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Knight Time

Discover London of the Middle Ages, when kings feasted, knights fought, monks prayed and mighty crowds jostled in search of miracles


Westminster Wonders

Find the wonders of Westminster, centre of empire and home of royalty for the last thousand years.


Madrid rises

Discover the prisons, palaces and plazas of the ancient town of Madrid and follow its rise to become the capital of a mighty empire


Magnificent Madrid

Discover the strange creatures and lavish sights of Magnificent Madrid, the city that was built to compete with the greatest capitals in Europe.

What is Tripmonsters?

TripMonsters is the first city exploration game designed with the whole family in mind.

Our unique, child-friendly routes are packed with amazing locations, exciting challenges and fantastic facts.

Kids love the experience of using our interactive maps to discover each place on the route and the challenge of the activities at each location – all designed to really engage them with the site. And for the adults, there’s plenty of fun and discovery too!


Just get the app and you’re all set!

Download it, choose your route, and do it whenever you like!

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A shared day out for the whole family

Walkable, kid-friendly routes

telling a story designed to capture a child’s imagination

Challenges at each location

created so kids explore, make sense of what they see and are rewarded with fun and achievement

Quirky, funny, amazing (but true!) facts

carefully researched to bring to life the places and the people who lived there

Do it at your own pace

so you can stop for a break, keep going when your ready

Just follow the app!

Choose your city, select a route, and follow the map on the app to start your adventure. You won’t find our routes in any guidebook. They’re unique and custom developed with kids in mind. You’ll find yourself in places you never knew existed – or if you did know they existed, you’ll discover new things about them. At each location on the route there are challenges, information and fantastic facts to spark a child’s curiosity and bring its story to life.

Imagine a day out when the kids actually learn something!

We want kids to have fun, because if they don’t, it’s game over. But we also want to spark their curiosity and make them eager to explore – not the screen, but the site. Each of the locations on our routes is selected to open their eyes to a moment in history or an aspect of culture that can spark their imagination. Our challenges are designed to get them engaging with the place and to light up its story. And all in a way that makes them eager to get to the next location and find out what’s there.