Top 10 Family-Friendly Instagrammable Spots with TripMonsters App

Planning the perfect city break with the family? Discovering hidden gems to capture the most Instagram-worthy shots? With the TripMonsters city exploration app, your family adventure just got a lot easier and more fun! Our interactive app guides you on exploratory routes across four of the world’s most vibrant and picturesque cities – London, Madrid, Melbourne, and Paris.

Let’s dive into these top 10 Instagrammable spots for your family vacation checklist.

Cleopatra’s Needle (London):

Venture beyond London’s modern cityscape to explore the antiquity of Cleopatra’s Needle. This Egyptian obelisk, adorning the Victoria Embankment, narrates a tale dating back 3,500 years. Snap a sunset silhouette against the monument for an Instagram post imbued with timeless allure.

Alfonso XII monument (Madrid):

Nestled in the verdant expanse of Parque del Buen Retiro, the Alfonso XII monument is a testimony to Madrid’s grand past. This iconic monument, enclosed by a semicircular colonnade, provides a picturesque landscape that can add a regal touch to your Instagram profile.

Plaza Mayor (Madrid):

Soak in the lively spirit of Madrid at Plaza Mayor. This central plaza, known for its harmonious architecture and vivacious cafes, offers endless photo opportunities. Capture the facade’s symmetry or the bubbling energy of cafe-goers for an authentic Madrid Instagram moment.

Fontaine St Michel (Paris):

Immortalize your Parisian adventure with a snapshot of the exquisite Fontaine St Michel. Nestled in the Latin Quarter, this monumental fountain marries intricate design and mythology, offering an intricate backdrop for your family picture.

Houses of Parliament (London):

A quintessential London landmark, the Houses of Parliament present an opportunity to encapsulate the city’s quintessential charm in your Instagram feed. Frame a shot of the neo-gothic architecture and its reflection rippling across the Thames for a classic London aesthetic.

Somerset House (London):

Capture the artistic spirit of London at Somerset House. With its expansive courtyard, gorgeous fountains, and grand facade, this cultural hub offers an array of visually stunning elements to enhance your Instagram feed.

The hidden garden of the Principe de Anglona (Madrid):

Unearth a slice of tranquility amidst Madrid’s bustling heart at the Principe de Anglona’s hidden garden. Capture the lush greenery, the garden’s charm, and candid family moments for an intimate Instagram post.

Block Arcade (Melbourne):

Dive into Melbourne’s rich heritage at Block Arcade. This Instagrammable spot, known for its unique architecture and historic shops, narrates a story of Melbourne’s past. Capture the distinctive mosaic-tile flooring and glass canopy for an authentic Melbourne aesthetic.

London Wall (London):

Travel back in time with a shot of the ancient London Wall. This significant Roman landmark juxtaposed against London’s contemporary skyline creates a contrast that can provide a unique angle to your Instagram narrative.

The church of St Etienne du Mont (Paris):

Discover Paris’s lesser-known treasure, the Church of St Etienne du Mont. Its unique blend of Gothic and renaissance architecture, especially the spiral staircase and stained-glass windows, make for a visually stunning and distinct Instagram post.

Take your family adventures to the next level with TripMonsters. Explore, discover, and capture these top 10 Instagrammable spots, and make your family travel experiences more memorable and shareable. With our family-friendly city exploration app, let the world be your playground, and your Instagram, the canvas to share your story.

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