A guide to getting kids into walking

It doesn’t have to be an uphill hike with your kids (even if that’s exactly what you’re doing!) Here are a few tips to keep the kids entertained and looking forward to their next walk! Walking seems fun when you’re an adult, and it’s the quickest way to get outside with your family, but we’ve all been there when it’s hard to motivate your kids to keep walking!

It can be challenging to get your kids to enjoy a walk outside, and sometimes you wonder if it was even worth it?

Take a friend

There is no better way to get your child to walk than this hack. During the day, kids have twice the fun, can walk twice as far, and are twice as tired. Invite as many friends as you dare!

Map reading

Give your kids the map – they’ll love feeling responsible for leading the family! An app like TripMosters might be a good fit. To start the adventure, kids choose their city, select a route, and follow the map on the app. No guidebook will tell you about these routes. Kids will love them because they are unique and custom-made.

Drinks and Snacks

With a timely snack or drink, tired, fed up children can easily re-energize. The chocolate cake works too! Maintain their energy throughout the trip; we can become hypoglycemic in a third of the time outdoors.

Make your family walk exciting!

There are times when kids need a little more encouragement to walk! Consider including a waterfall search? Would it be better to climb a (small) mountain? Would you like to discover a hidden castle? Kids can enjoy walking a lot more when it’s a little out of the ordinary!

Kids Backpack

It does not work for younger children who will be fatigued more quickly, but older children feel a great sense of responsibility with their first backpack. Use a lightweight pack and ask them to carry only a drink and snack, plus the above bear if necessary. Even if they’re tired, they’re more likely to act like a hiker if they feel like one.

Play as you go

Walking while playing games can speed up the time for your child and give the brain a workout too.

A regular walk can be spiced up with word games like Opposites, I Spy, and I Went to the Market.

You can also find inspiration in your surroundings by making words or phrases from car number plates (for example, ILY = I love you) or spotting objects beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Walk to School

You can reduce traffic congestion and pollution by walking the school run if you are able. Walking the school run is one of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise into your day.

Providing your child with a goal can motivate them to walk to and from school, and many schools have joined Living Streets’ WOW Activity Tracker program.

It lets children track their daily exercise, whether they walk to school, go for family walks, or ski at home.

Also, let your child pick the route and guess how long it will take you, or how many steps it will take you, to walk to school.

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