7 Free Things to Do in London With Kids

There’s no need to break the bank when visiting London with kids! In fact, there are plenty of free things to do in this amazing city. From exploring world-famous museums to walking through beautiful parks, London has something for everyone. Keep reading for our list of the 7 free activities in London for families!

Visit the British Museum:

The British Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world, and it’s free to visit! This massive museum is home to a staggering collection of artifacts from all over the globe. Kids will love exploring the exhibits on ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and more.

Walk through Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest and most famous parks in London. It’s a great place for a scenic stroll, and there’s plenty to see and do here too. Kids will love exploring the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, riding on the carousel, or watching the ducks in the pond.

Explore Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. It’s free to walk across the bridge, and there’s a great view of the city from the top. Kids will also enjoy visiting the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which tells the story of how the bridge was built.

See a Free Performance at Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe is a replica of the original Globe Theatre where many of Shakespeare’s plays were performed. This unique theatre is open to the public, and most performances are free! Kids will love watching a play here and learning more about the life and work of William Shakespeare.

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the largest and most famous churches in London. It’s free to visit the cathedral, and there’s a lot to see and do here too. Kids will love climbing up to the top of the dome for a panoramic view of London.

Take a Free Walking Tour

A great way to explore any city is on foot, and London has some great free walking tours available. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who will show you the best sights and tell you some fun facts about London.

Ride the Tube

Riding the Tube is a great way to get around London, and it’s free for kids under 11 years old. The Tube is a quick and easy way to get from one end of the city to another, and there’s plenty of interesting sights and sounds to keep kids entertained.


We hope you enjoyed our list of free things to do in London with kids! There’s something for everyone in this amazing city, so be sure to add a few of these activities to your itinerary. Have fun!

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