Mighty Gods and Mysterious Beings

Museum Route 

Cross five continents and explore 5000 years of mythology in this fascinating route through the collections of the British Museum! Discover the spirit guardians of Assyria, the serpent gods of Mexico, China’s Judge of Hell, Egypt’s god of the Sun, a Roman goddess who is actually Greek, an African god who is actually human, and the birdman god of the most isolated island on earth. 

And that’s only the beginning!  Play the challenges to unlock their secrets and discover the stories behind the gods that people have believed in – and in some cases still believe in – across five millenia of human history.


90 Minutes





British Museum 6
British Museum 5

Here are some great things to know about

Mighty Gods and Mysterious Beings!

  • If you want a break after you’ve started the route, you can stop whenever you want and start again later. You can even come back another day and pick up where you left off!
  • Like all TripMonsters routes, you can play Mighty Gods and Mysterious Beasts offline if you don’t want to use mobile data. Once it has downloaded (you have to be online for that!) you can switch off mobile data and enjoy the route.
  • Oh, and just so you know, the price of the route doesn’t include entry to the museum. If there’s a charge for that, it’s separate.

Starting Point

British Museum

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