Left Bank Adventure

Street Route 

Explore the most famous part of the south bank of the Seine. Start from one of the great fountains of Paris, and discover gargoyles creeping up the sides of magnificent churches, narrow medieval alleys, sweeping boulevards, the resting place of France’s greatest personalities, a medieval mansion and an ancient arena that lay hidden for a thousand years.

Walk in the places where monks prayed, students sat, pilgrims strode, revolutionaries marched, philosophers wrote and Roman gladiators fought. And that’s only some of what you’ll discover on this journey through two thousand years of Paris’s most fascinating quarter.

And at every stop there are challenges to be played, stories to be discovered and rewards to be won!


2.8 km


3 Hours





left bank route.5
Leftbank route 6

Here are some great things to know about Left Bank!

  • We give you instructions about how to get to the starting point (see below). Once you’re within a couple of kilometres, you’ll see the starting point on a special interactive map so there’s no problem finding it.

  • Once you’ve started, we’ll show you where to go next each time on the interactive map – it’s super easy to get from one location to the next!

  • You don’t need to pay to go inside anywhere to enjoy the route. Everything is accessible outside or where places are free to enter.

  • If you want a break, you can stop whenever you want and start again later. You can even come back another day and pick up where you left off!

  • And like all TripMonsters routes, you can play Left Bank Adventure offline if you don’t want to use mobile data. Once it has downloaded (you have to be online for that!) you can switch off mobile data and enjoy the route. Just leave location enabled if prompted – this doesn’t use any data but you’ll need it to follow the map to your locations.

Starting Point

Fontaine St Michel

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